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Some Good person are still exist.

Hi Everybody.
This happen to be my first post. ‘_’
Last night i was reading this love story posted by a forumers. he didnt write it formally, and by reading the first page, i know it was a real story.
a sad story. about a  boy who like a girl. the girl already had a boyfriend, a superb boyfriend i can say. which give his trust to the girl. because the girl and the boy is a housemate. the girl then made her housemate get coupled with her friend. this new girl also very cool. she trust her boyfriend to do anything with his housemate.
‘its ok for u to be close to her. i know who u are, i know who she is. both of you will not betray me. ‘ said the girl.
so i was discussing this with Maman, a close friend of mine, who suggest me to read this story. i told him that i dont believe such person are exist. i dont believe there are person who are okay with his/her couple sleep in the same bed as the couple’s good friend which is opposite gender.
for example, do u allow ur girlfriend sleep with her bestfriend which is a guy ? although they are very close like siblings. i think, although they are trustable. but its just not the ethic.
then maman told me, such person are exist. somewhere. its sounds naive to me. world is different than before and the people are too. everyone is mean. thinking about themself. ego.  however, i dont think everyone is a bad one.
i know some good person too. even the one which resembles the story’s character. i will mention some in other post.
but yes, the fact is that, nowadays, people is cruel. i told Maman that i am very concern with this. people’s behaviour.
‘One of the reason is that everything on screen, showing that being bad is good.’ said Maman.
this is very true. media is at responsible. yet, they are the one that can change it too. I myself, a type of person that ‘copying’ character of someone from screen. some character that i like.
Naruto, the famous ninja anime, is a very bad at giving up. at no matter how badly he was beaten, to protect his friend, he try to stand up. again and again.
Keaton Taichi, from the detective comic, Master Keaton, have stupid looks and everyone underestimate him. however he is a master of survival and once a respected military trainer. the unique thing is, despite being a former big army, he is now a lecturer of history, and his dream is to find the source of Danube Civilization.
getting back to our topic, i believe, if screen shows a good quality of shows, the audience too, will response in good things.
And i know, im not the only one who concern about this matter. for them who is also in the same line, lets do our part. lets do what we can, to restore peace.
togetherness‘ is actually a very beautiful word.