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Pushing ourself to our limit.

These 2 week is definitely 2 fastest week since my industrial training begin on June. I already got my hands full with company project and some other thing. This already a bad habit of mine. I like to make my hands full. I carry baggage as much I can carry when going somewhere. I do lot of things in one day (which caused unhandled timing). Stuff like that.


Sometimes it does giving good results too. Damn tired, but after it finish, I’ll get one pure satisfy.


This 2 week is definitely more than I can handle. I keep on adding my to do list without ticking some as ‘DONE’.


At some circumstances, it’s a very good things too. It boost your brain to the maximum. All my stamina will be drained. And personally, I think that is what I think all people should do. Use their energy to the max. so that they gained most too.


A runner, if he run till he drop. The next time will be faster and stronger. People should do that too, don’t you think so ? use our brain, strength, for good cause. And of course, the most important is, shared it.


We are getting off-topic actually. Haha.


So there goes my 2 week. The level of project is beyond my level. Anyway, its not like im gonna give up just like that. Im gonna give it a damn best out of me.


Because when you play football, its not a matter of winning, the win is when you have your fun, and make your body healthier.