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An 8.5 for Michael Clayton

It’s a perfect movie for crime based watcher like me. A serious movie. Intelligent. Closed to reality. You called it. Its 8.5 for me.

Its start with complicating scene. And things got clearer as the movie goes. Its about Michael Clayton (George Clooney) who is a fixer lawyer. Who is friend to Arthur (a senior attorney). Arthur is behaving strange lately and kept saying something is gone wrong. But everybody see him as crazy and sick people. Karen (Sydney Pollack) is an important person of UNorth,a huge company who is a client to Arthur’s Law Firm.

Arthur see something wrong in UNorth. And he got himself killed by unknown person. Clayton is on his way to help Arthur before he gets too far. But then after Arthur got killed. He feels something’s wrong with it. There is no way Arthur commit suicide.

And he found something that Arthur find about UNorth.

George Clooney play very good and also Sydney Pollack, as always. The story itself is great.