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Singapore 5am to 5pm

I have a great time gone to Singapore for a day. While the initial mission is attending an interview, I got some other unique moments.
Begin when the bus take off from Kuala Lumpur, I feel like I need to talk to someone. Gathering info on Singapore’s road, places, and so on. because I got some situation.
1. I don’t know this Lavender Street where the bus will stop.
2. I don’t have map with me.
3. I have 8 hours to spend before the interview.
4. I need to go back via Johor Baharu, but I have no idea on how to go to Johor Baharu.
But the bus only have, like 10 people in it.
And finally I talk to a boy who sit in front of me (he’s the only one sit searby). He is friendly. We greet each other. He isn’t that familiar with Singapore too, like me. So I cant get too much info. But he walk me to MRT stations. (MRT = a train, LRT like) So at least I know how to go to Esplanade, the great art theatre. I’m thinking that maybe I can find some place to sit and online in there.
Oh, the boy’s name is Kesvin. A Malaysian student. Same aged as me. Doing accounting. Bet he’s bright student. And we did exchange contact before we get apart.
And finally I’m at Esplanade. 7am. Since the first time I’m entering the building, I already got attracted by it’s unique design. I’m taking some snaps of course. I will also put them here.

MRT_1 MRT_2 City Hall basement a cute wall to esplanade sleep @ esplanade
gone out from esplanade the stage the stage 2 side walks the bay the sidewalk 2
the playground wall gallery esplanade bay view bay view 2 cute wall
the stage 3 the bay 3 marry at far orange esplanade bin future casino
the stage pillar from Kelu's side inside Marina Square The center stage Sari Pan a Fountain
blue and red red light a lost boy octopus fountain marina square front a sculpture
blue and red red light a lost boy octopus fountain marina square front a sculpture
the globe multi color wall woodlands woodlands 2

And because its still not opened yet (open at 10am), some doors are closed. I even have to use emergency stairs and exit. A bit scary being alone in there. Hehe.
Finally I managed to exit to an exit. There is this stage nearby the bay. Its DAMN BEAUTIFUL. I can see the famous Merlion on the other side. The stage’s design itself is already cool. Then goes the scenery, those sidewalks. Make me stay there for a little while. Enjoying the scenery and taking snaps.
Then I saw a girl. Who I think is already there before I came. She also taking some snaps. Then do nothing. Snaps again. Then sit. I didn’t think she is waiting for anyone. So I get closer, trying to be friendly, as usual.
“ What do you takes ? “, Im asking about her snaps.
She replied. And then we talks. She is the one who walk to get closer to me. That indicating a warm welcome of the conversations. We sit there and talk about many things. Almost like 2 hours. She is a local. A Chinese. College student. Doing Psychology. 21 years old.
She is really something different. A type that is very rare to find, I guess.
1. today is her 21st birthday. Yet she’s there. Avoiding public attention. She don’t like celebrating. Yeah, and she said she sleep early at new year’s eve. (^_^,)
2. She’s a criticism type. One that see from negative point of view, but in order to make it good.
3. she dislike Singapore people.
4. She didn’t agree with helping people. For her, doing it, will make the people that we help, dependant to what we are doing. In other word,  train them to depend on others.
A unique type, don’t you agree ? wait until you know her name.
After 2 hours talking in there, we take breakfast at McDonald. Her name is Kelu. We say goodbye after the McDonald. We didn’t exchange contact.
Its 10am now. Im wandering around and take snaps while look for place to online and having plug. Most of the place is covered by Wireless@SG anyway.
I go to roof terrace of Esplanade. Its really cool. Then I sit at library. Online. Been there until 12.40pm. the interview is 2.30pm. at the east part of Singapore. I hope im not late.
I will take bus I guess. And as I learn from bus directory, bus 14 and 16 go to Bedok, the area of that company I want to go to. But those bus didn’t pass this bus stop. So I need to find nearest bus stop. And then I met Kelu again. Hehe. She guide me to the bus stop. However, the bus is not actually go to that office, the bus driver told us. So I decide to take MRT. We walk together to the nearby MRT station. Then we get apart when I go to MRT.
I need to walk like 15 minutes from MRT Eunos to the office.
The interview went smooth. Although is different job scope than what im looking for. I seems like will not get the job, neither will take it if they offer me. After interview, I go to nearest bus stop. Reading this bus directory. And im thinking,
“ How the hell do I go to Johor Baharu now ?” , I ask myself.
Im asking a bus driver. Then he explains. I follow what he said. And ride on his bus to the nearest MRT station. The bus cost $1.50. about the same price as MRT. Definitely expensive.
I get off at MRT Kiang Haw or something. And I need to go to Kranji MRT, told by the bus driver. Im about to buy ticket when a couple of grandma and grandpa come to me. I offer them my help and ask what can I do for them. They try to add points in the MRT ecard. But they don’t know how to do that. Oh ya, they are malay, but a Singaporean. Although I also don’t know how to do that, but Im sure it wont be so difficult. And yes, I did it. Im reading the instructions. After that, they thank me and the grandma give me $5. I do refuse at first time. But they insist. And to respect them, I accept the money and say thanks.
What a generous people, I said to myself.
Then I take MRT to Kranji. And before Kranji, the MRT operator saying something about going to Johor Baharu from Woodlands MRT. So I try it. I get off at Woodlands, 3 stations before Kranji. And like the operator said, take bus 590.
In the bus, again I met good people. Asnah, who is sitting next to me, begin the conversations. Then we easily become friends. She is Philipino. Around her late 30. She had stay in Singapore for 20 years. Very long, definitely. No wonder she is now a Singaporean nationality.
She is nice. She even want to find me a rent room if I get the job and work in Singapore. She gave me her contact number before we get apart at Johor Baharu.
And somehow I need to take local bus gone to Larkin, the Johor Baharu bus station. I did. And get to reach Larkin. And then finally hop on a bus that goes to Kuala Lumpur. I reach Kuala Lumpur exactly at 12am.
It was a nice trip. I’d love to go to Singapore again. But hopefully next one is for stay and work, not holiday trip. Its expensive like hell, dude.
Hehe. Cheers.