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Salute to Mr.Smith Again.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds
Smith, Smith,. that is how I mumbling about Mr.Will Smith my favorite actor who act in movie that i saw just now. Seven Pounds. He just great in the act. A deep feeling can be felt and it touches deep. When I start to think im the only one who cried in that cinema, a big man (seems like a foreigner) sneez his nose and sweep some tears in his eyes. ‘Oh now I know its not me, but this movie is touching’, i said.
The story is another great thing about this. its unusually great. Ben Thomas (smith) is a succesful man who have beautiful wife that he loves so much. just when things went good, He cause great accident in highway that killed 7 person, including his wife. He is desperate so much that he want to commit suicide. but he thought that only suicide wont make difference. He then decide to make meaningful death. He help 7 people. and the story of each person he help is different and touching.
thats about it. bravo to Smith as well as the story maker. give you a 8.5 for this.
message from this movie for me :

Good people is someone who do good deeds even when no one noticed it.

the most touching scene : at the end of the movie. when Emily saw Ezra. (bad timing because lights on and tears still coming out of eyes!) haha.