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weekend with GLAD family

it’s a good weekend I had last weekend. The first week after I decide to stop all my side jobs. Thinking that I might be free and can rest whole days or going around and take photos, I was wrong. Open a forum that I always get in to find whether something is interesting in this weekend.
And ya, there is a post about a Tree Planting event. That day is 17th april, 23.30pm. and guess when is that event ? its 18th april 8.30am. that’s sudden attack for me. Means I have to wake up real early the next day. Im texting the organizer, and get a good response, that I can join them in the event.
And ya, it turns out more interesting than what im expecting. Its more than just event and finished after the day. I made friends. A good people. A good team. A good coach.
Im too lazy to tell you what are they doing. Well ok, basicly they help the kids from the caring house, or kids house, the place where left out kids taken care. Some are Poor kids, some is left out from families, and so on.
One of them, lets call him J. told me, that when he is in crowd like this with everyone, he feels like in a family. So he usually leaning close and talk to everyone.
J : (hugging me)
Me : (hug him back)
J : im so sorry if im overclose to you or anyone here. You know, I don’t have family, so when im here with everyone, I feel like I have family. A good family.
Im deeply touched. Deep down inside me, I hope he will always have everyone. Ya, he has me of course.
We plant trees on Saturday morning. Lot of trees of Mahang. Didn’t know exactly what kind of tree is that. But it will do good for sure. On Sunday, we had lunch and closing ceremony.
I love them, the kids. And I love GLAD families for making it happen. For posting ads in the forum that I read. And I Love Allah becase He create good people around. People that care for others. People that can cries for others.
Sigh. It does feels good.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.
PS : I decide not to upload the pic of kids. its kinda unethic. hope you understand.