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A wonderful monday.

Day start with a bit panicking that my office trouser is still in laundry. So I have to wear the other that is a bit tight. Feel not comfortable actually. But anyway, that’s something I shouldn’t care so much.
And the day went smooth. As I found a solution of a dead-end problem in ASP.NET (the programming language that I’m doing) for my project at office. Its been 3 months looking for workaround and I just found it today. Wew. Really feels like drinking after long thirst.
Had a nice talk with bos at the end of the day. About how a programmer should think and all that stuff. It add something in me. Thanks to Mr.Mathews.
That itself give me good amount of happiness. But still, there is more. After office I went back, taking shower and went to dinner with GLAD family. Its good to be around them. And even, I sit next to Sharmini Hensen (, a professional life coach.

Sharmini Hensen
Sharmini Hensen
After a nice dinner, I got surprised that Sharmini lives near to my place. So im really happy when she offers to drop me home. Yeah, I got a chance to talk to her in person. A very nice 30minutes talk. She got so many points that I’ve taken as new thing to learn. I cant really remember each, but here is some points.
• ‘Try not to think of Pink Elephant’, and Im thinking of it. People’s brain cant process negative phrase. So don’t tell people to STOP CORRUPTION, instead think of something else. For Sharmini, its ‘Honesty and Integrity’. But I think this is still difficult to be processed. What I think is, do instead of just saying it.
Vibration concept. That people is built by cell. Cell built by atoms. And inside atoms there is proton and energy. This energy produced when we do something good. Causing vibration. And this energy transferred to people around. Example, when you feel happy and you tell your friend, they may feel your happiness too. And other example, if you are between positive people, you will start to change to positive too. The application for this, is become a vibration-full people, and transfer it to people like chain. Chain messages, chain email, MLM tree, and this way, we can create peaceful world.
Be thankful of bad things. Don’t just hate it. Because there is bad things, change to good will produced. If my country is peaceful, I won’t be think like what I think now. To save and help people.
There is more, but im kinda short of time. Anyway, I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Sharmini Hensen. For big praise that you gave to me. Really, get praised by you is really something. And thanks as well for GLAD family. Angelia Ong, for inviting me.
And as the core, I deeply thank for my Maker. Because life is so wonderful.