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a good french movie . Hunting and Gathering

a movie at International French Film Festival.
The genre of the movie is comedy drama. Though the drama is more than the comedy. Its about 2 guy who live in one place. Then come a girl between them. Though a clash is exist, but they managed to solved it.
Camile (acted by Audrey Tautou) is a cleaning girl who live in roof of a building. She live alone and difficult. Tudork is a chef who has a sick grandmother. He live with Phillibert in Phillibert’s grandfather apartment.
Philibert is a very kind man. When he met Camile who live in the same building, he greet her kindly. Camile, feels relieved of his kindness, despite all the tenant in the building are all ignorant. So she invite him to have dinner at her place.
They begin to become close, and when one day Camile fell sick because of over-exhausted from her work, Philibert decide to move her to his house. He treat her until she recover. She start to like being treated nicely like that.
Tudork didn’t like Camile at the first time. Due to his pressure of finding more money for his grandma treatment, he cant control his emotion and get angry at Camile. Camile didn’t hold back as well.
And after sometime they finally get along very well. Too well that they realized that they fell in love.

For me, the story is up and down. Both making sad but end with a very happy ending. That’s good. I got carried away by the stories. Other than that is by the great act of Audrey Tautou and Philibert ( I forgot the actor’s name).
At first, I don’t like the part when Camile chose Tudork over Philibert. Because Philibert is a very kind man. And Tudork is winning because he is handsome. Though he is not nice.
But by paying attention the Camile’s real expression. I can see that right before she choose, she likes Philibert. Its just that, at that time, philibert begin to focus his attention to something else. So he begin to change from the initial person. Thus, she choose Tudork, which is also not a bad guy. He feel bad that he ‘steal’ Camile from his friend. He tried to back off too.
And when he know that Philibert are into someone else. The girl in his theatre class. He begin to made up his mind about being with Camile.
(note that the scene where Philibert met the theatre girl in his shop, is very remarkable scene. Its very deep)
Other good thing about this movie is, that Camile, does sketch. She sketch many things. (this remind me of someone important to me) ^_^
Ok that’s it from me about Hunting and Gathering.
Rating from me : 7 (of 10)
Q & A
Q : didn’t you said you didn’t watch drama ?
A : well. Yes. But for some good event (this one is French Film Festival), I gotta watch. And I like Audrey Tautou. You should check out her act.
Q : what is not good about this movie ?
A : its not really not good about the movie, but THE COUNTRY where I watch this. They censored too many scene.
Q : who do you want to watch this movie with ?
A : miss A.