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Legend Of Mana experience

Oh I Miss Legend of Mana

Its  a title of Playstation RPG games made by giant game-maker Squaresoft. I grow up with RPG. And legend of mana became one of the most important. Despite the medium difficulties to finish it. There is something different in legend of mana compare to the other RPG.
Those are the background music, the landmark, and story line. Those 3 make I cant forget the joy of playing that game. The music played by somekind of orchestra. With violin and those classical harmony tunes. Whenever I listen to their soundtrack, it made me recall those days when I played it. More than that, It brought me traveling to those lands. Imagining myself being inside the land with so beautiful land mark, mountains, jungle. I think Im desperate to travel there, and when I walk,I hear that beautiful music.
God is so beautiful that He create human with those idea to make this cool games.
Im wandering if in this very world, there exist a land, or life like in the Legend of Mana. I mean, if there is a human that is adventurer, and he travel in that kind of lakes, and all that (I think the landmark DOES exist in our world), I really want to meet him if its possible.
But you know, human wont create something that is totally out of their world. I mean, those shape of alien, or other lifeform outside of earth, its still in the form that we EVER see or EVER think of. People design God in stories as human-like, alien is monster-like, and other planet is earth-like. So my point is, this game as well, created because MAYBE this kind of world is exist. I mean in one place in our earth.
If there is one, I would like to see it. Even once.
The LoM (Legend of Mana) , though it’s a 2Dimension game. Offers something amazing as 2D RPG game. Well I cant say it enough, you will know it if you did play the game (Contact me If you want to ask how to get the game. I will try my best to make you be able to play it). Or maybe its just me. Maybe its really my type of games. Whatever.
The story ? its great. You will face lot of storyline that are interconnected to each other. Rather than one-way normal RPG game, LoM have multi-path that will, in the end, goes to one place. But you can play around in it.
Its just wow. I missed the time when I know how to play it at the first time.
Good job, Squaresoft.