its nice to be in Ramadhan again.

Hello all
Its been long since i didnt write. stuff is running around here and there. tasks. jobs. meetings. and all that. these last few weeks has been great (except for my outcome which is increasing). I finally moving in to the new place, new house. with new housemates. they are very kind. one of them smiles a lot. i like people who smiles a lot.
and the work, its even better. i didnt feel bored at office. not sleepy as well. and the time passed faster if im in the office. well actually at home too, since i work at home too.
I watch the Orphans (movie) last saturday. its a great movie about little child being a physco. a very beautiful actress who play as the child. its a recommended movie. we didnt have movie about physco these days. at least not here in my place.
and PIZZA. yeah, for some reason, i keep thinking of eating Pizzas.
the company i work with now is a software house. they are doing and even though its much more smaller company than my previous company, but hell, the code is better. and how they arrange programmer to work one to one with the project. i like it. and we can open the internet freely.
sidejobs ? yeah, im having good time of it too. girlfriend is as well. we became closer and closer each day.
despite the dilemma on the decision to go back to jakarta or not, i let Allah SWT choose it for me. i dont want to let my mom live alone in Jakarta, but as well, i dont want to dessert chance (job and good sallary) that Allah SWT has given me. so i wait for the sign from Allah SWT.
today is Ramadhan 6 i think. it feels good to do Puasa. ^_^
you know what, i need to get back to work now. write again later.