Ramadhan 2009 (1430 Hijiriah)

Halo all
I just start to write i guess about this year, so i didnt write anything about ramadhan yet. for those who didnt know what is Ramadhan, its a month in moslem year, where by all moslem do the fasting. stop eating and drinking, and doing bad deeds start from sunrise to sunset (that doesnt mean you can do bad after sunset). and after 30 days of fasting, there will come the Syawal, month after Ramadhan, where moslem celebrate the winning after the 30 days fasting.
Ramadhan for moslem is way more than just fasting month. in this month, people tend to be better person, tighten the relations between moslem (as well as toward the non moslem), and of course to Allah, the God.
this is my own personal remark of Ramadhan

the best moment is when everybody gather together before break of fasting. no matter which social status you belong to, you sit in the same place and eat at the same time

at the Syawal 1, the celebration including the vast amount of cakes, cookies, smiles, you know, typical celebration.
this year, I celebrate in my hometown, Jakarta. i met most of my relatives, cousins, aunties, uncles, and so on. it feels good. though its tiring that the meeting is everyday morning to evening. but yeah, this is the only perfect timing to meet all of them.  there is some remarks too that will help me to remember this year’s Ramadhan and Syawal.
1. I went to the President’s place at Syawal 1 to greet him. he is bigger than I expected. Its a good thing he invites so many of the disabled person to his open house.
2. the Photography Gathering in Thamrin. early morning, on Syawal 3. where i go and join a community where i dont know anyone. but its fun. everybody use a very good (or big) camera. hehe
3.  I met Andy, an old friend from my mom hometown, Palu. when he came to jakarta for holiday, its about Syawal 7.
4. Also in Syawal 7, when im in a public transport car, on my way back home, in that car, a indonesian chinese mother and an native indonesian mother chat so enthusiastically. thought they dont know each other, but it happens like they are so friendly that they can talk to everybody, even if the other are in different race. you know, this thing dont happen in Malaysia or Singapore. they are so….cool.
im out of words, guess i will end this. write you again later.
Satu CL