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Get a good 8 hours job

Hello, today I start working in another company. My… 5th perhaps, I will list them out then, to make it easier. Listing listing listing (those name are confidential, couldn’t publish it that easily)
I’ve guessed it correct. This is my fifth. Number two and fifth company considered big company. Though, I find something interesting, that in big company, its not always better than small. And in my case, my forth company, the smallest of all five, is the BEST one. You know why, they have good working environment, everybody care about each other, and very very very friendly boss.
I will try to list what thing I considered as factors to make a job ,  a good job.
First , I need a Good working environment. Yes, with this, you will (or I will) feel comfortable being there for long time.
Then, friendly mates and superior. Yes, for my forth company, the boss is very very very motivating. He didn’t scold staff. He have his way of communicating that make the staff feel that they should do good in the job.
Then the Stage to prove that you are good. For me, its important. Because with a good stage, you will be able to show people who you are and what you can do at maximum. My term stage refer to the job description of your  job. Smaller stage, and you wont grow. The task is too easy for you to be finished. Oversize stage also will gives you fear. And you will be stressed out and missed deadlines. But for me, I prefer oversize than smaller stage.
Next, I think Working standard will play important roles as well. What I mean standard, is about the ethics. There is one company I work with, they look down on staff that go home ONTIME. Exactly 8 hours. They think that you are not working hard. But you know what, I think 80% of companies nowadays hoping that you work overtime. Over 8 hours is good for them. But actually, WRONG. At least for me, its wrong.
Im not a CEO that have many staff under me, but I know BRAIN will lust if we use it too much. 8 hours Is a good duration. More than that, it will be processed lower than usual. Think about PC, if we already use it too much, it will became slow. And us, our brain, wont be effective after 8 hours usage. and is it better to use it while its slow for a long time, or use it when its prime for shorter period?
Ever hear something said, ‘Work hard, play hard’ ? my superior in my current company certainly didn’t know that. Or atleast, didn’t understand its meaning. He said something like  ‘You are young but you come, Pee and go back home’. He referring to my objection of working overtime. I choose not to waste my time explaining about this work hard play hard.
Think about it, if I play after that 8 hours of working, then I will be happy. Good mood will produce better productivity.
Ah well. I don’t care about what other think about what im doing. As long as im happy and that didn’t hurt them. Job, you can find it. Money, you can find it. But happiness, its not that easy to be found.


Hey I gotta go. Write you again later.
Satu CL