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Metromini – one way to reduce total traffic jam

Its November 4th 2009 today. Like usual, I take the metromini (one of the bustype in Jakarta) 640 to my office. And like usual, it took one hour to reach  15km destination . for people that are used to it, well, yes, its not that bad. For me too, its still a better way to commute, rather than to took personal car.
Jakarta consist of almost 25 million of people, and about 6 million of them, has cars or motorcycles. Each single day, that 6 million vehicle to the road. I don’t really know what size Jakarta is, but, its certainly TOO SMALL to fit that 6 million vehicle.
Guess how many new vehicle added every day ? I just hear the fact on a very good radio called GreenRadio (forgot their frequency), that each single day, almost 1750 NEW VEHICLE delivered to a customer. Well you can imagine that.
And this morning, I was on metromini 640, when like usual (again) the metromini battling with the sedan to take a lane in a traffic jam. They both didn’t want to lose that they still move until its very very very close to a hit between those two. Who’s win ? metromini did. Hell yeah, they always do. I smile when my metromini win, its not because of I ride inside, but because that will tell one good message to help reduce the jam in Jakarta : Its very difficult riding a car in here, I better took bus.
Its damn true for me. Well I didn’t mean its very comfortable in the bus, that’s wrong. Its unsafe sometimes. But Im saying about going to work everyday using bus. The worst traffic jam during one week is concentrated working hours. 1 hour before the work begin, and 1 hour after it end. that doesn’t mean you don’t use your car, you do, on weekend, on particular special case.
Cmon, you are citizen of this city Jakarta, you want it to be comfortable.
Anyway, beside to prevent traffic jam, I guess it help on other thing as well. Like :
1, Help the poor people. The bus driver and the assistant (is it correct? ^_^) is way poorer that us who took a ride inside it.
2. To force government to make public transportation better. Imagine if that 6 million car, switch to public transport, there wont be enough bus to take all of us. That will force government to provide more, repair broken bus, make it beautiful, clean, smells good. Look at Singapore’s bus, its way comfortable and it does come every minutes.
3. More socialized. Many things happen in the bus. Many good conversation of a citizen will be heard. And the more you hear, the more you get. The more you learn about them. About people. About social. Human is a social being anyway. You can get friends.
There it is, what do you think ? I think some of you will object, because of some uncomfortable stereotype about bus. That it is unsafe. Well, refer to my point number two. If the government put the attention on it, believe me, it will be supercomfort inside.
Answer this, do you think your car is faster than a metromini in a traffic jam ? I will say it’s a NO. metromini is way stubborn and tough on the road. And do you think your car is faster on an empty road? Well maybe ya, if you ride some high-end car, but if you drive something like Kijang, well, I think metromini still will be winning on you. Hehe.
Well I think that’s it for this morning writing. Hope it will be useful. And hey, browse for this radio GreenRadio. Browse the frequency at google. They talk about environment all the time.
Hope this writing is useful. Thanks


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