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How to Play any device game on PC

Hello. Today Im writing some sort of step by step on how to play any device game (like PS1, PS2, GameBoyAdvance, maybe even Sega) on your PC.
you dont need to have cd rom, all you need is :
1. Internet Connection (optional)
internet connection is only needed to download some necessary file on the internet. if your friend already have it, just copy it from them.
2. Emulator
its somekind of application that makes your PC like a device (for example PS1) , and read .img file as a game CD . to get one, you can google it. for example ‘PSX emulator’ or ‘SEGA emulator’ , or any kind like that. Im using ePSXe, since im playing PSX (or PS1). it can be found here
the emulator , once you download it, need to be configured a bit. just run it, and follow what the wizard said. its not that difficult.
3. The File of the Game
to play the game of course you need the game data. lets take a good PSX game called “Legend Of Mana” . you can google them up, the games. there is many site that made specially for the emulator games. the one I use often is  emuparadise. you can find lot of PSX games in there.
and thats all you need.
next is how you play it. do you still following me ? here is how to open a game from ePSXe
1. run the ePSXe
2.click FILE > RUN ISO
it will then ask you to select the Game Data. and ISO or IMG file. try to select the one you download from the website. and after you did it, it will show you a screen exactly like when you play PSX.
Thats all ! not bad huh ?

some notes about Emulator is
– you dont need to have a memory card. its automatically gives you one.
– you can save your journey ANYWHERE. not only on save point. you even can go out, and save in the middle of boss battle, lets said.
– you can play it using keyboards, or a joystick too (if you have one. the one who can be plugged to PC)

happy gaming.
ps: im sorry that i cant put screenshot, as Im now in office writing this without everyone’s knowing. hehe. if you have question , feel free to ask me. not that expert on this, but I will try to help.