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Juko Project, Lets Create Smiles to the needy children

Hello Everyone.
In this month of Ramadhan, we all know that every good deeds gonna be double rewarded, and sometimes we are just too busy to help others (especially the needy), so why don’t we take this chance in Ramadhan, to save a bit, and help the needy. So me and some friend, once again, gonna trigger one charity event.
Juko Project

Juko = baju koko (koko shirt. Muslim clothes). The idea came when I was in a mosque, breaking my fast. In there, I saw many kids there to also break the fast. Needy children seems likely, running here and there, then I saw their clothes, its not so clean and seems old. So my imagination went to the Lebaran day, where they use a new clean koko shirt. They will smells good. Because the cleanliness is also part of the faith. Right ?
In this project, we are gonna try to reach our objectives, which is to make them (needy children from orphanage) using new clean koko shirt during their lebaran day. That is our main mission.
The rundown ?

  1. Collecting info on the detail of the needy children. How many are there. Begin with an orphanage near my place in Rawajati Barat (just to make it easy to collect data), if the fund has exceed the fund to buy clothes for all needy children in one orphanage, we gonna gather data from second orphanage, and so on.
  2. The fund raising and gathering will be done in this 2 weeks, begin today August 23rd, until a weekend before Aidil Fitri, which is September 4th. Im expecting any kind of help from you, money, new koko shirt, manpower (for the main day), food and drinks (for the Buka Puasa on the main day), and also used clothes, or even books and stationary.
  3. For the news-spreading, I hope everyone can help to tell our friends, so we can have more help.
  4. The buying of the koko shirt, will be done in Saturday, September 4th 2010, place will be decided later (if anyone have info, or even sells the koko shirt with cheap price, please inform me)
  5. The giving of the koko shirt will be done in Sunday, September 5th. Place will also be decided later. If we can only help one orphanage, the giving will be in the first orphanage (Rawajati Barat, Kalibata). If we can help more than one, we gonna choose the biggest orphanage, because we might likely to have Buka Puasa too, and many friends may come to celebrate it together. So we need space.
  6. for contact of this event, please contact : Satu (0857 1863 0055 / 911 24 215) | ym : atudaichi2000 | fb : Satu Cahaya Langit| bank BCA account number : 476 058 2064 with name of SATUCAHAYA LANGIT
  7. update will be done in FB Event and my twitter (@satucl)
  8. any kind of help will be recored, noted, and published in the fb event. For the transparency, so you know where your money will goes to. Say no to corruption. Roar! If you want to donate money, you can transfer to my bank account number on previous number
  9. for those who want to help me organize this event, please contact me, I need your help. The more the better.
  10. Fb event link for this event is : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=129139243798751
  11. For the price of the koko shirt is around Rp30,000 per set (shirt and trouser), and RP20,000 shirt only

Saya rasa sekian dulu. Kalau ada tambahan akan saya update. sekali lagi, saya mohon bantuan untuk menyebarkan info dan acara ini. Mari kita lukis senyum di wajah wajah kecil itu, dan biarkan senyum itu tertular di wajah kita juga. Dengan menolong orang lain, kita juga sebenernya menolong diri kita sendiri.
Happy Ramadhan !
I guess that’s all for now. I will update here if I got any additional info. Once again, I hope everyone can donate anything they can, and also spread this event to the others. Lets paint smiles in the needy children’s face, and let that smiles painted in our face too. By helping people, we also help ourself.
Happy Ramadhan !
Satu Cahaya Langit and friends

— Question and Answer
Q: is the project only will give koko shirt to the male children ?
A: no, female children also will get their muslim dress
Q: I am not in Jakarta but I wanna help ? what can I do ?
A: you can transfer the money to my bank account. I will make sure the use of your money reported to you.
— Update