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Client, Policemen, and dancemob on October 9th

Jakarta, 9 October 2010

Today I just have a great day. Alhamdulillah. The dance mob rehearsal, the meeting with client, the policeman, even  the weather and my playlist, all together squeeze and mingle d today. Oh my sister Sika reach Jakarta today too.

Dance Mob rehearsal

Since few days ago, I already know that today gonna be very packed with schedule, at least I got 5 schedules for today. That’s pretty much exhausting day. So I decide on removing one, schedule no.4, a photosession with miss Herinda Eka Mulyanissa (hope I didn’t spell it wrong). And I’d go for 4 schedules.

The first one was early morning, 7.30am, the rehearsal of dance mob in Senayan Basketball hall. But since I am not really an early morning guy, I wake up late. Hehe woke up 7.30am, doing nothing, then some random talk with Raga Wira Cahya who stay in my place last night. I took a bath, get ready, and by the time im ready, its raining. So me and Raga play some songs again, chat, laugh. When the rain stops, its 8.30am. I took bus to senayan, and by some walking, I reach the basket ball outdoor. I was there for some minutes, thinking that maybe the flash mob people already done with the rehearsal, since it  9am by the time I get there. But when I ask the guard, he said he didn’t see any group who dance.

Its actually the Indoor basket ball hall, after I check the websites. Thanks to the today technology that allow me to browse net from my low-end cellphones. So I walk again, about 5 minutes to reach the hall. Yeah the crowd is still there, I guess its more than 700 people gathered there. A good number to make a mob. After I talk with some person-who-looks-like-in-charge, I managed to get into group U. they grouped the people into A-Z group. Each group have more than 40 people. I don’t know anybody in there, so I set to the nearest people in group U. I sat for 10 seconds, and then one guy slap my knee. Its someone who knows me. I try to remember his face, its familiar but somehow still blur. Finally I remember he is Mario, the guy who join my previous mob, the freeze mob. Wah its nice to know some one here in this large crowd. Its such a coincidence that we are in same group.

I dance dance with the 900 people, the dance is not so difficult if we do it in groups. I just learn the dance last night, but I managed to remember most of the moves. Im such a smart guy #timetogetoverproud hehe. Other than Mario, I met Indri and Indah, two sisters that in group U too. And few guys, Mario’s friends. The dance been done outdoor too in the parking lot, from my point of view, everyone seem ready for the big event tomorrow morning. I met Dini too, Widya’s friend, the one who join previous freezemob too.

The rehearsal made me sweat a little, but that’s good. I feel happy. By the time we finish, its 12.30pm, I gotta cancel schedule no.2, Weny’s wedding. Though I wanna attend it because the prewedding photo that been displayed in the wedding, some of them are my shoot. But I couldn’t help it. I will sms her later.

Schedule no.3 is meet Edwin, my new client. In Mall Taman Anggrek on 1pm. I didn’t think I should go back home and change clothes, so I go straight to Mall Taman Anggrek.

Great chat with my new client

He said he’ll be late for 30minutes. I don’t mind, I like spending time looking at the people doing ice skating. There specifically one girl in purple jacket, she seems like doing training, there is one man stand near her and giving instructions. I watch her made couple of great spin on that ice. After the ice ring, I went to TimeZone for some refreshment with TimeCrisis or some Drumming game. But finally I didn’t play, because it need me to buy a card for the game instead of coins. And minimum is Rp30,000 so I skip the game, and went all the way to the ground floor’s Gramedia. Read some books for about 10 minutes before Edwin called, and told me he’s just reach the mall.

I met him in starbucks. he treat me a Starbucks green tea. I love this green tea in starbucks. this is my first meeting with Edwin. He’s my new client. a fine and educated young man. He brought me souvenirs from China (the project postponed because he had a trip to china for 2-3 weeks). A nice keychain from Shanghai Expo. Thanks,dude.

Yeah we talk a lot about the job. The project is kinda a good practice to me. Both easy and difficult. After long talks, one guy from this Sampoerna foundation came and greet us. Promoting the charity of sampoerna, and ask us to be donator. I said I’d loved to. And he gave me one voucher book, contains reward from the charity sponsor.

And eventhough me and Edwin finished talking about the job, but we didn’t stop chat yet. We later discover that we got same hobby. Photography. And he said he haven’t done many photosession, so I offer to invite him when I have a photosession. And before we finished the meeting, he also said that maybe his friend also need help about her project. I said I try my best to help.

And we leave starbucks.

The traffic policeman

Its almost 5pm when I leave Mall Taman Anggrek, cross the road and wait for the bus to go back home. Near the tomang’s junction, the traffic is very bad. I gotta wait for the bus more than 20minutes. While waiting I saw one policeman standing there. Out of nowhere, I got this idea to talk to him. So I did it.

I don’t fond police so much, but it was a good chat, he talks all the time. He seems like he is in need of talks. He told me about his family, his job, that he didn’t get good salary to make living of 2 kids. We talk about government too, about these days difference compare to few years back. I guess, its like sometimes I need a good chat, I think policeman sometimes need a good chat too.

Hope it helps you, sir.

Then my bus arrive and I got in. flew back home and say hi to my room and Asagohan (my laptop) and Ban-Gou (my guitar)

It’s a nice day ^_^

Written by Satu Cahaya Langit