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PROJECT MATAHARI, once more charity project for the needy children. Saturday, 30 Oct 2010

Hello everyone. Still remember our previous JUKO charity project ? where together we raise funds to buy new Lebaran clothes for the orphans and needy children. The project was a big success. More than 100 orphans and needy children are able to wear brand new and clean clothes for the Lebaran. Thank you for everyone that support this event. The report on that project is here : http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=438320976960 please check on it if you want.
So as we already read in the report, we feel like we still need to help some of the orphanage. Because of the condition is now need attention as soon as possible. And me and friends, also agree to have the charity programme held on every period (a month or every two month), so now I want to invite all of you to join and involve in this project,
Event : Social Charity to the children in Sanggar Matahari orphanage
Place : Sanggar Matahari, Bekasi
Mission : improve the children’s education, and make their home healthier
Date and time : Saturday, 30 October 2010, 9am til drop. (maybe 3pm)
Activity :
–          Donation (books, equipments, food)
–          Teach the children
–          Having lunch together
–          Play together. Games, taking pictures, anything fun for them. Sing songs too
–          Registration of volunteer teacher
For DONATION : Account  BCA – 476 058 2064 by the name of SATUCAHAYA LANGIT
Contact : Satu Cahaya Langit (ym:atudaichi2000@yahoo.com, hp : 0857 1863 0055)

The background of this project is because the condition of Sanggar Matahari (the orphanage name) need the attention as soon as possible. Some of their urgent needs :
–          There are no bathroom for boys. They only took shower in outdoor where the water pipe running. The girls took shower inside the house, but it also lack of cleanliness, and bathing tools.
–          Lack of bathing tools
–          The sleeping room for the boys is also needs attention. The boys only sleep in the hut, and that hut is not so far from swamp thas has many garbage in it. They also lack of sleeping equipment too.
–          And the most important one, EDUCATION. The children in there just migrated from special schools, which is only 2 hours per day, 4 day per week, to normal school which is 7 hours a day, 6 days per week. So they have difficulties in adapting the study. They need help on it.
Here are the list of needs of the orphanage. If any of you could help on one or more things, please do tell me.
For this non material needs, they need teacher. We can voluntary teach them in whatever subject we can, in any time we can too. The schedule is up to us. But of course, the more routine we teach, the better result they will get.
a.       Education. Like teaching them some subjects (that we are good at), especially maths, English, science subjects. Can be in elementary level,junior high, or high school.
b.      Art skills. Such as drawing, painting, singing, play musics, or any other art skill.
c.       Communication skills, motivation, and self development. Also confidence
d.      Religion education, like the Qur’an reading.
For them who want to donate one of this item, please do so, otherwise, money donation will be good too. We will use it to buy these needs.
1.  Small table to study with steel feet. (the wood feet always broken when they playing) this table will be used to study and also Qur’an reading.
2.      LCD projector to ease their study. (more effective to teach them together than one by one)
3.      Board marker, and the board eraser, for the white board
4.      White board in big size. (right now their whiteboard is too small)
5.      Pens ( currently the ink always run out fast)
6.      School uniform (each children only have one set of uniform. For 5 days. T_T )
7.      Socks
8.      Colouring pencils, drawing book, and colouring books.
9.      DVD player to watch motivating movie (the last dvd player got stolen )
10.    English and Japanese Dictionaries, pocket edition.
11.    School bag (currently they use it alternately)
12.    Clothes. (especially for the girl, loose dress, long sleeve, and long skirt)
13.    trash can
14.    the sleeping equipment like pillows, blanket, foldable matress
15.   book shelves
16. .school notebook, notebook cover, staples
17.   Bamboo fence, to avoid stanger entering the house
18.   Clothes basket (before washing, put dirty clothes in a basket)
19.   Food supply
20.  Recreation needs (maybe this one will be done in our next charity)
21.  used books who still can be read, to help their study. Or novel and any other useful books.
Other than the above helps, I also hope that, if one of you have idea on how we can build the BATH ROOM for sanggar matahari, and RENOVATE building in Al-Hidayah which already worn out (from the thin wood), it’d be really big help. Some of my friends said, we can ask sponsor from HOLCIM or that kind of company, but Im having difficulties to do the procedure. I don’t have the knowledge for that.
–          I’ve just been told by the management of the orphanage, that the school report has just out last month, and the result is far from maximum. T_T so lets help them
–          26oct 2010, Ajeng bought STUDYING TOOLS for 25 kids.
–          25oct 2010, Reta gives Satu, 65 sets of pencils, eraser, and also kids magazines
–          23oct 2010,. Nadia (Sanggar Runner) inform that there is 9 new kids to be adopted. They will send them to school, but the kids needs uniform. Most probably Satu will buy the uniform.
–          We can bring food and snacks to be shared with the kids.
–          Our committee will be divide to few smaller team, based on the task. Here is the list of the team::

  • Team Buy Item (BI) : satu cahaya langit, Ajeng Irdhani

Will responsible to buy the item needed, and bring them to the Sanggar.

  • Team Public Relation (PR) : satu cahaya langit, medina soraya

Do the publication, fund raising, message people, tell update

  • Team Transportation : satu cahaya langit, jaka saputra

Responsible to bring all committee to the Sanggar.

  • Team Documentation : satu cahaya langit

Document the event. Pics, video, etc.

  • Team Lunch : satu cahaya langit

Prepare lunch, think what lunch is good for them, where to buy, what time.

  • Team Activity : satu cahaya langit

Prepare activity for the event day. Study, play, games, singing, record video, etc
Satu is in everyteam, sorry, because only Satu attend the meeting. Anyone want to help in some Team ? hope you can help me. And we need many people in the team BI, because of the limited time, we have to divide the item buying. And bring the item together in the event day. The item is divided again to smaller category , such as BATHING TOOLS, STUDYING TOOLS, SLEEPING TOOLS, FOOD, and OTHERS. And for those who want to donate the item, please let me know what are the things you want to donate. We don’t want excessive things in same category.
–          How to get there, will be divided to some way.

  • By TRAIN . Meeting point in Stasiun Kota, call Jaka ( 0838 100 3667 )
  • By CAR, meeting point in Cawang, call Satu ( 0857 1863 0055 ) . the map of the place is in MAP part, in this page.

Some participant in same area, encouraged to go together, to reduce the possibility of getting lost. We don’t want to be late to reach the place. Here is some list of area of our member. Try contacting them if they are nearby your place.

  • Ciledug – Pras (  0857 1611 9234 )
  • Bogor – Jaka ( 0838 100 3667 )

For the others that have problem going to the Sanggar, do tell me.
[ Satu’s place, meeting point ] http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=jakarta&daddr=Jalan+Cikoko+Barat+5&geocode=FSg4of8d9FNeBimdS-NF6fNpLjGihtfaD79xUw%3BFWa4oP8dZnteBg&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=-6.243676,106.859121&sspn=0.019325,0.042014&ie=UTF8&ll=-6.23493,106.8647&spn=0.038651,0.084028&z=14
that’s it for now. For more info, please contact Satu. Lets together get used in helping the needy people, because that’s one form of thanking our God. So are you ready to make the kids smile again ?