Cerita Pendek, Writing

One Winged Angel

My name is Stanza. Im just a normal carpenter who live in my hut inside the forest.
Its been more than 6 months an angel left my side to flew to another part of the world. It said it’s job is finished. But me, as the man who is left behind and already attached so much to her, obviously getting real sad. But I waved goodbye too when she left.
She didn’t say a clue, but I can read from her eyes, that she told me “in 6 months, you will meet another one” , or am I misreading the message ? I don’t really understand, and we will go on.
Like my other night on Friday-or Saturday, I went out of my hut in the forest, to the city to meet couple of friend. Some old friend that I haven’t met for so long. Its good to meet people you haven’t met for long. This person I haven’t met, have her twin with her, and one guy. So it turns out 4 of us, walking down the city of Anessia. its Roman, Marcelleine, and Marcelleste, and me. I have met Marcelleine 2 weeks ago when I go to forest hunting for some woods. But this is the first time I met Leste, Leine’s twin sister, after so long time. say, its about, more than 10 years.
Leste dressed in a white worn out dress, with a brown ribbon on her hair, she looks pretty. It took me some seconds to grip myself and try to act accordingly. I cant be found blushing. I keep on talking. The other me, who lives in my mind, soul, and heart, is writing a message to Bella (the angel that left me). Only one sentence: “you didn’t tell me you have a copy of yourself on earth”. I was smiling when the other me wrote that message. I don’t know if Bella hearing my pray.
We visit one bar, to another coffee shop, then sitting in one corner of that city. We found a good bench. We sit and talk, and lough. I wasn’t so good on joking, but im glad that one of my jokes hit Leste hard, she laugh out so loud. I take a good look of her a lot of times. I did it professionally, I mean, when she didn’t noticed.
I cant tell if Roman feels the same to Leste or not, I don’t care about it for now.
For one time, or two, or three, or more, I see she looked at me too. But I am man of strange mind, sometimes I guessed right, and sometimes I did it totally wrong.
I took both Leine and Leste to their place, then greet a good night and walk to my hut in the forest.
To be continue….
In chapter 2 : she grew up a wing ! and who is the man in her eyes ?