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Sawarna, another sweet spot in west java

Friday night and Saturday


Reached FX and meet everyone in starbucks. We’re waiting for more people and also the van. Now time is 11pm. Some of us, including me, took the dinner (cos i havent took one) around FX. Right before 12pm everybody has gathered, 17 people, for this trip. Me, Yudha, Aris, Neyni, David, Rukman Dikdik, Emmy, Mita, Ika, Ayu, Aldi, Kiki, Yusni, Firman, Ayudi, and Ardi. Its supposed to be 18, but one is cancelled due to work related issue. And then the van reach FX. We hitch in, and depart exactly 12pm.


The van is cool, it has a dvd player inside it. The seat is not that wide, but yeah its fine. So we choose one movie, Underworld 2. Too bad the front seat cant watch it because the tv screen located in 2nd row. I watch the movie couple of minutes, then i sleep. Its been my habit to sleep in the transport, especially the one that will took many hours.


So there I am, sleeping all the way to 3am. Then I wake up and having difficulties to sleep again. One is because the AC is cold, two, is because it is not so comfort to sleep. Try to talk to some, Emmy, Yudha,  but none are really into conversation, well, its 3am anyway. So i browse the net from my phone, and this is when i found out about the death of Adjie Masaid, the actor and politician. Twitter and the net only buy me an hour.


4pm i try to sleep again. And wondering where is our current location. I even imagine about a ghost in whatever form that might be seen in those dark village. Yeah seriously, the road light is minimum. Talking about the driving, the driver of this van, for me, is considered a good driver. Its a bit comfy in it, though some road are bad. 5pm we still havent reach the place. And finally 5.30pm we reached the place.


The first impression is, its like small village. With one main road, river.  We walk across a hanging bridge. A good one. It get me excited. A good thing to start. Then we reached the homestay. The house is typical traditional village house. I love traditional village house. But the best attraction of this morning is the well inside the bathroom (they dont have running water, we have to get the water from the well), and the ricefield behind the house.


I try to take some water from the well, and i learned that the wheel on the rope is actually made the pulling water get less heavy. I can do it fast too. Hehe.

the ricefield

Neyni, Aris, Yudha, Ayudi is sitting outside, in a saung, a traditional hut made by wood. They took their breakfast. while me, walking to the center of the ricefield. I love it there, it feels peaceful, and i appreaciate ricefield as its a source of people’s food. Spend some minutes standing there, smile and enjoying the nature. Then i go back home to have my breakfast too.


While we ate our breakfast, there is one house in our neighbor that plays a loud dangdut (a traditional Indonesian music) song.  And one girl, is actually dancing on it. A nice dance btw. We all are entertained by her. She will grow up good.


After the breakfast, all of us go to Lalay Cave. Which is not so far from our homestay, but we took our van. The issue is, its raining a bit. I have to be careful not to wet Kounan, my camera. The track to reach Lalay Cave is muddy. So i have to take off my sandals. While protecting Kounan from rain, also look for interesting thing to capture, its a difficult thing. So what i have to do is leave my sandals in one grass, now my left hand is free (is carrying  the sandals before i leave it). Some good pictures i took is the washing women (in the river) , the swimming duck.


And because im busy with taking pictures,  the others had left me. I almost got lost, thanks to a couple of middle-aged man and women, that show me the way to the cave. Along the way, I saw river, ricefields, graves. Just in front of the cave, the bridge is difficult to cross. And then im in the entrance of the cave. Yusni wait for me in the entrance. The others went inside a bit earlier.


A river is flowing inside the cave. And its in the main road. So we have to walk in it. Its shallow, but at certain area, it gets deeper. Til the knee level. I have to leave my Sarung Bali in the entrance. Dont want to get trouble.


After some minutes walking inside the cave, i cant see the entrance light. So when i turn back, its total dark. The only light came from our flashlight. Again, It get me excited ^_^ The track inside the cave sometimes is total mudd, which obviously very slippery.  We met stalactite, stalacmite, and also many bats, sleep in the cave’s roof.

salty stalactite
salty stalactite

At the end of the cave, well actually not really the end, but the following track get super difficult, we have to cross a neck-level deep river. Many of us are not that expert in caving, so we decide to go back. Before we go back, me, david, and neyni decide to check out further route, we saw a hallway that is full of bats. ^_^


We walk back to the entrance. And neyni found a stalactite that contains salt, it shines. Then we get to the entrance, my sarung bali is still there, good. After some picture taking of the cave’s entrance, we go back home. I also found my sandals in the grass. Because our sandals is full of mudd, we decide to clean it in the river. I made about 100m walk in the river. Its nice.


Around 12.30pm, we reach our homestay. We wait for the lunch. Have a good discussion with emmy, ayudi, david,and neyni about marriage. Love this kind of discussion. Then On 1.30pm, the lunch came, we ate, then we proceed to next agenda, the Karang Taraje beach.


It only took around 15 minutes to get there by van. On the way to go there, we saw this mini concert in the village. Called Musik Ngampar. All of us agreed on visiting those place tonight. Who knows the dancer kid gonna be there too . hehe


Inside the van, im totally sleepy, maybe because of the lunch. So the first that came to my mind on what im gonna do in the beach, is sleep. Obviously.

sleepy me
sleepy me

The beach is rocky, and not bad. Again, since im too sleepy, I didn’t pay attention that much. Quickly set up my Sarung Bali on the sand, and lay down. Hehe Emmy knows that im not gonna use my Kounan, so she borrow it to snap some pics. I sleep for about 30 minutes. it’s a nice sleep. Only later, I found out that everybody’s camera have my sleeping pics In it. Damn. Hehe


After the Karang Taraje, we drive to the next beach. Around 10 minutes from Karang Taraje, it called Pulomanuk. This time im not sleeping. The sand is good, there is couple of fisherman’s boat, the beach’s curve. Took sometime taking pics, as well as made group pics with the others. In the far, we can see the big rock, around 50m from the beach, we cant go there because its separated by the sea. But it made a good background for a pics.


We spend about 1 hour in the beach, then we go back home.  We start talking about the Musik Ngampar, but unfortunately when we passed the concert place, they are already pack their things up. The concert finished before evening.

pulomanuk beach
pulomanuk beach


We reach home around 6pm. We take turn having shower. I sit lazily in the terrace and write couple of this journal. Then I took shower everybody does too. After my shower, everyone seems to have much fun playing Uno. This time I passed it, maybe tired or because just want be inactive for a while. I go to my room, and lay down a bit. Then blackout happened. Hear everyone talking about it, I enjoy hearing their jokes. Especially this lady called Neyni. She is a natural joker.


The light are on again, after couple of minutes I hear Kiki is screaming happily. It seems like her work (yes, she bring her laptop and her work with her.hehe) is accepted or something. So she can rest assured now. I feel good for her.


Yuda and kiki came to my room and ask me if somethings wrong, that its not so usual to see me being alone in the crowd. “allright, allright I’ll join you” I said. But by that, I only mean only get out of the room, but I ended up borrowing Kiki’s laptop and write this notes again.


The dinner came. We all start to each eagerly. The menu of the night is chicken. After the meal, kiki seems to have fun feeding the dog. The dog of some neighbor I think. After the dinner, the Uno group continue the game inside of the house. I continue my writing. Im happy that kiki have the broadband too, so I can login to FB and reply  a friend’s message. =)  my cell’s out of credit.


The Uno group seems to enjoy the game more. Just by hearing them, I got entertained. Isnt it good. Hehe after about 15minutes writing, my eyes are really heavy. I gotta sleep, I tell myself. So I turn off the laptop, and get inside my room. I think im the first person who sleep tonight. Its only like…9pm hehe




Either its david or yusni who wake me up around 5.30am to do Subuh prayer. It always feels good when a friend wake me up to do the prayer. Although it took me some minutes to get up and go take wudhu. The water feels fresh when it touch my face.


After the prayer, I don’t want to go to sleep again. We planned to start walk this 6am. But judging from the fact that still some of us haven’t wake up, I decide to take a morning walk around the village. It may be still 30 minutes before everyone is ready to go.


I walk and stop in one warung (shop) , I need to buy the top-up for my cell’s, also I want to talk to villagers. So I talk to the lady. After some minutes, Dikdik and Yusni show up too. We eat couple of Bakwan, and snap some pictures. Then we walk further inside the village. But end up didn’t see anything interesting, so we decide to go back home, maybe everyone’s ready to go.


They are all gone. The house is empty. Hehe we quickly walk to the van to catch up with the others. This morning, we are gonna tracking in one village, the path will lead to Lagoon Pari, a beach. Then from that beach we gonna track beachside to Tanjung Layar beach, and then to a path that lead to our homestay.


Just as we enter this village, about 10 minutes ride from our village, the rain start. Some of us even leave their camera in the van, so that it didn’t get wet. For my Kounan (name of my camera), I decide to bring him. Will protect it from water. I put some plastic in Kounan’s bag. Then we start to walk. Just as we walk about 50m, the rain get bigger. Others decide to keep walking, while Neyni said she cant go on. So I accompany her to have shelter in a villagers house. We got left behind. But the good thing is, we can talk with villagers. Outside of that house, there is 2 old man. And then came another younger man. We talk about where we came from, they tell us about this village, etc. it’s a good conversation. Plus, it’s a custom that people in the village are so nice, even to us, a stranger, the lady came out and offer us a drink, and to have something warm inside the house. But me and neyni probably cant stay for long, we refuse it politely.


It also my habit to pay attention to a random things. Such as this duck, that swim around on the water way  outside of the house, and clean its body with water, then swim here and there, like it want us to look at it. Hehe its cool.


Then the rain get lighter. Me and neyni decide to continue our walk. So we say good bye and thanks to the villagers. We came into a hanging bridge. And then the road getting muddy and slippery. I’ve gotta take my sandals again.


After about 200m, we meet a crossroad. Excites me again. As we don’t know which way is leading to our destination, that our friend took. So we need to analyze the footstep carefully. The left road is a bit uphill, and the right road is downhill. Neyni said its right. We took her bet, and then walk. Muddy muddy muddy.


While we were walking, a man passed by, a villager. So we ask if this is the right road to go to Lagoon Pari. He said yes. We feel relieved. Hehe


Then we met one spot with a good ricefield scenery. PLUS A FROG SONG. There’s a loud voice of frogs singing. We stand there for 5 minutes to enjoy the frog song. I even made a recording of their song. Its cool. Ask me the link.


We continue our walk. My clothes start to get wet because of the rain. I told neyni that it seems not cool if I walk In this kind of track without getting slip. About 10 minutes after I told her that, I got slip. Hehehe


When we see the beach from a far, we fasten our walk. There we hear the voice of our friends, screaming happily.


The couple of Kiki and Yuda is the one we see when we reach the beach. They are playing together with the coming wave. It’s a good thing that valentine’s day is near (so ? hehe) then we and neyni greet everyone. They just finished their breakfast, and offer us the meal. I decide to wash my pants first. Need to clean the mudd.


After I clean it, I join them eating the breakfast. I took 2 rice if you wanna know that. After the breakfast, we order coffee to the villagers that opened a small traditional café in there. There I saw some men, are drying their clothes in the bonfire. I do what they do too. Hehe need to dry my clothes too.

caught of the day
caught of the day


This one fisherman came with the lobster in his hand. Very cool. We take a good look at it. I snapped it. I don’t put the flash, because turtle may get frustrated of a flashlight, I assume the lobster does too. And not long after that, more fisherman bring their catch to the shop. There is a Pari Fish, and other big fish, but the best two are Baby Shark, and sword fish.  Neyni complained about the shark is actually forbidden to be catch as shall be protected, not caught. I took pics of the sword and baby shark. They are cool.


The coffee came, I do my hobbies again, I bring the coffee to the beach, and start sitting there alone, with coffee and Kounan. Love it.


Then Ayudi tell us all to continue to our next agenda. We say thanks to the lady, and start walking the beachside.


The beachside is rocky, but has a good curve. On some spot too, we stop in one rocky beach area. Where we can walk about 30m off the beach. The wave hit the rock, it’s a good thing to capture, but my lens are not zoom lens, so I only took it within distance.


We walk again, and meet this beachside which have tall land and in front of it its direct 20m + height to the sea. Another good thing to capture. Some minutes from that spot, is a place called Tanjung Layar. Its beautiful there. The tall rock, the beach, the weather is good, plus there is small shop near the beach where I sheltered from the heat of sun. the wind blows, the peace, made me sleep. A sign of comfort.


I talk with the lady that own the shop. She lives in a village about 1-2km from the beach. And its been 2 week she didn’t came home. She sleep in the shop. i’d loved that too. Imagine this nice shelter, to sleep at night, with nice moon and starlight. Well it might be bad too in case of heavy rain. Hehe.

tanjung layar
tanjung layar


We spend about 1 hour in this beach. Some ordering the Indomie, the noodle. Some took picture in the beach. After that we walk again. About 5 minutes from Tanjung Layar, there is one big tree on the beachside, that located really good. I instantly thought about a pre-wedding session on that tree. Hehe


We passed along a small hut with a graffiti on its wall : “Mana Janji mu, Para Tikus Berdasi” , I took pictures of it. That was a voice of myself too. Then we passed one beachside with a steep hill, where the background of that spot is the sky’s pure blue. Certainly the best blue that any photographer would love. So I ask Ika to stand on that hill, I made a good shot. ^_^


Me and Ika been left behind again. Because all those picture taking. Anyway, I already said it before, its good to get lost. Hehe we go to a direction where Ika thought she saw everyone walked. We passed a group of sheep eating grass. Walk again, and my guess is correct, we end up walk in the path of village that I walked this early morning.


We reach the homestay. Everyone take turn to have shower. Me and yuda collecting the money. Then we have lunch, pack our stuff. And finally, we say goodbye to the homestay and the owner.

The van depart around 2pm.


The trip ended, and like most of my trip, this one is another good trip. Sawarna is a worthed place to visit.


See you on next journal. (I think it will be my Bangka trip, insyallah) and thanks for dropping by.


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