the mistress that remains

there is a boy. he never forgotten one person these whole years. he live his life well. he get everything he wants. he got many friends. he helps needy people. he love his mom. he take care of his siblings. he pray for his day. he try hard to reach his big dream.

but god is even. He made one space in the boy’s life. He made the boy never forget one person. nott a single thing is forgotten by the boy, about that person. the person’s hair, the person’s smell, the smiles, the unique habits, the laugh, the story, the family, the shoes, the shops, the cake they ate, the place they visit, the song they sing, the movie they watch, the dream they create, the passion they shared, the story they shared, the tears they cried, the book they read, the writing they write, the train they took, the taxi they ride, the bus they ride, the pictures they take (they take millions of pictures), the steps they made, the cake they eat (again, they like cake), the sushi, the flower the boy have given, their first meeting, their first movie, their first touching hand, their first waving hair, their second movie, their hundredth song, their hundredth laugh. every single thing.

and god made the boy never be able to reach that person. He made that person very very far from the boy. not even the story is told to the boy, from anyone. nor friend, nor family, nor birds, nor winds.

the boy live everyday with the image of that person. sometimes he mind, sometimes he is happy of it. he just dont have other options. he believes god is giving the best for him. he pray everyday to god for the person’s happines wherever the person is. for that person’s family too. for the siblings. for their happiness, their jobs.

the person’s name is mrs.cold
written by Satu Cahaya Langit