im back

i didnt know that dessert is super large
thought i can make it, but i cant
the same goes for the ocean
i swim more than everyone could do
but i just cant make it
i realize, i step on my way back home
a home called you
millions of minutes has passed since i close the door
i dont hear your thousand knock again, daily
i found a way so i wont receive your thousand text message, or thousand calls
i face forward with the wind, smiling
god prove me wrong
i just cant be without you
my world went crazy, just because of missing you
ran through my door, heartbeating
you werent there when i open the door
though its cold, i ran outside
put everything behind, i just dont care
i dont know where you are, but i never lost
i will find you
i will learn everything all over again
i will say “im back”
will you open those arms again?
written by scl
inspired by a song, Back to You – by Bobby Caldwell