Lost ? ask direction !

lost direction
lost direction
One definition about lost is, when you want to go to one destination, but you dont how to get there. my other definition is, which is not so different in meaning with the phrase before, is that, when one person dont know where he/she’s going, what he/she want to do, etc.
This kind of ‘lost’ is happening right now. especially for the young people. they dont know what they want to do, what’s their mission of life. and most of the times, they want something instant. but dont know how to get that.
you want something but you dont know how to get it
you just want ! and keep on writing facebook status about it, without doing any effort to achieve it
you live in present times, enjoy today but not preparing for tomorrow
you failed to see that there’s people around you. its all yourself for you
I called that ‘lost’
and if you are lost, what you should do ?
sometimes in life, we should learn from basic things. for me, you should do what you have to do if you are lost in direction, which is :
1) ask for direction to people. especially people who knows the direction well
in life, we can ask people with many experience. like parents, or friends. their suggestion, combined with our knowledge on our case, may produce good solution.
2) just jump in. pick a direction that you think is correct and give it a try. if in the end its a wrong direction, just go back and take another road. well the drawback is you will lose time, but learning is worthed for it.
3) Buy a map. this one you cant apply in life. because there is no map of life. if there is, every each human will have different map of life. you need to draw your own.
so, in conclusion. ask yourself this question
do you know where you are right now ?
do you know where you going in this direction ?
is this a correct direction ?
have a good thought 🙂