Writer's Club December 1st

the geng : difa, william, satu, emmy
the geng : difa, william, satu, emmy
our winner and the prize
our winner and the prize
and here’s random writing that i’ve written too .

in the right time
right place
right companion
your superpower will just bloom like flowers
drop like snow in the winter
flows like waterfalls
how do you stop waterfalls ?
well, you dont need to stop it. enjoy it
same goes for the snow in the winter
the bloom of the flowers.
you dont stop it. enjoy it.

Perfect example, sometimes lies in your very mind, not in front of your eyes

Sometimes the idea
come in strange place, strange time

smells can calls your deeepest memories
raindrops are mean too
but that very memory
is the one you should blame

the moment when you are in deep imagination
then a drop of water wakes you up
you got angry, but that very drop
gets you to the reality too

quotes are great
because people know but they forget what they know

old piano sounds better than the new one
old model of camera are more reliable
freddy mercury way better than justin bieber
so, is your old self better than your current ?

There are a lot of type of music
type of human
type of food
type of idea
type of habits
but only few of them
can actually save the world

no matter where you are
its enough if you have fun and not disturbing others