Cerita Pendek

Parallel Universe

” Son, come on here ! help me clean this room ! ” someone yelled. I didnt know who she’s talking to. I still wandering where I am. Then this middle-aged lady came and scream even louder. At me. Its me she’s talking to. She asked me to clean that room.

Parallel universe
Parallel universe
Shit. This marijuana is really something. Im really changing place and situation. She slap me, So I get up and walk to that room. Cleaning. I hate this kind of drunk. How do I regain my concious ?
I enter the room. Hey, what is that outside ? I look out the window and got shocked. The land full of grass so green like I’ve never seen. THose hills is like the one in National Geography, but way better. Like in Avatar. Where am I ?
The scenery got me doing the cleaning pretty quick. I wanna go out and see it closer. Talk to the lady that once again slap me for not calling her ‘mom’. I beg her a permission to get out and see the scenery. She got confuse when I tell her I’ve never seen such a splendid panorama. Im so happy when she nodded.
Outside, its even greater feeling. I dont know why but my heart beats faster. The air much fresher. It warm. Then I jump directly to the soft grass. It felt really good when my feet touch the land and grass. Im happy. Then it gets dark.
” Hey man, wake up. We are closing and need to clean this bar ” someone yelled again.
Its dark. Stinks. My head is spinning. Oh, Im here last night. We got wasted here in this club last night. But I love that grass, that new land, that air, wait, what is this .. ? Grass … ?
” Hey dont dirt the floor ! ” that bartender yelled again, when I check out at the grass on my feet. This is the same grass.
A parralel universe. We bring something from that world. And we go back there.
image from : http://mytumblingthoughts.blogspot.com/2011/05/looking-for-my-parallel-universe_21.html