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facebook application issue

issue : create fb apps but failed to see the result of new apps

fb apps failed to load
fb apps failed to load
kronolgi :
– create new apps
– fill in name and captcha
– fill in Canvas URL (our website that want to be displayed in the FB iFrame)
– when I want to load the apps, it shows the error
done couple of browsing. and here is some solution i can found
1) link is case sensitive. for example if our apps named chiko , means the url is . this url is said to be case sensitive. this DOESNT WORK on me, as the error still appear
2) creating FB page of the applications. go to Settings>advanced>App page , click “create appsname pages”. this DOESNT WORK on me too
3) go to this URL :[APP-ID]&pages=1 , with [APP-ID] replaced by your APP-ID, this actually WORK on me.
4) this one more solution is probably needed. as I cant run the , so when i go to myapps list, i see this “SITE URL”, below that label is some link like “” this does looks like it worth to try. and PUFF, i run this on browser, and it shown my apps.
conclusion :
– it looks like after we “create new apps” , the facebook didnt automatically add the apps. after manually done, the apps will be shown
note :
– to use every function in facebook, we need to download PHP-SDK of facebook, but reading many people comment, it looks like the PHP-SDK keeps on changing version, therefore sometimes the guide in internet having trouble to updated.
– other than use facebook PHP-SDK, there is one example that we can write our own SDK. his is very simple. if i can use it, i will use it.
– menggunakan contoh PHP mana aja, jgn lupa ganti APP-ID dan secret-KEY nya
hope this helps