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KEANE in Jakarta – the meeting after a long awaited visit

Keane Strangeland tour in Jakarta
Keane Strangeland tour in Jakarta

“ Hi Tom ! “
“ Hi . How you doin’ ? “
“ Great. How’s yesterday flight ? “

When you want something and you keep thinking about it, plus doing something to make it work, eventually it will get real.

That is the concept that I get from the book ‘The Secret’. This very night, it happened to me. I will write from the beginning of the story.

Around 2004 or so, I saw this music video with title of ‘Somewhere only we know’ on television. The video, the song and lyric got into me, and I like Keane since then. Few songs after that, for example ‘Everybody changing’ and ‘This is the last time’, even make them stuck deeper in my head. Their song is energetic, and sometimes full of emotion. One other big reason why I love them is, Tom Chaplin. For me, his voice is super match to my ear.

After 2007, after I heard ‘Bad Dream’, I keep wondering when they are going to visit Jakarta. But it only becomes a thought in my head. No news about their visit or anything.  But I already have this longing to see them playing live, and meet Tom Chaplin head to head.

So its like one-meter-high jump, when last month I heard an official announcement that Keane’s Strangeland Tour will be visiting Jakarta. I Immediately open the promotor’s website to check the ticket. Not long after, I bought the ticket and hardly can wait for the concert day.

Watching Keane playing live will already be good enough. More than enough, actually. But then, destiny gives me more and more. On this twitter account of the promotor, TrilogyLive, I join this quiz about meet and greet Keane. And on the winner announcement, they include my name in the list. That’s another acrobatic handstand, I got the chance to make it real,something that I already want from long time ago. I got the chance to meet and greet with Keane !

hopes and fears
hopes and fears

The day comes and shake me good. The closer I get to the meet and greet room, the more difficult for me to have a stable snap of pictures. Hand, Y U NO calm ?! Actually, when I heard that there will be meet and greet, I was imagining that it will be like dinner, and we (me and 3 other MeetAndGreet winner, Adila-Radit-Bimo) will have long time to talk with Keane, etc etc. But fact slap me hard in my head and tell me that it will only be 3 minutes session. I  even bring my black guitar so I can play a song with Tom singing. Well, still, 3 minutes is an once-in-a-lifetime chance.

When we’re lining up before entering the room, i do double check at my stuff. I bought 4 gift for each member of Keane. The gift is bought together with Karin, my friend. It is some Wayang (Indonesia local puppet) dolls. Also bring mine’s and karin’s Strangeland album to be signed. And also Ban, my black guitar.

The door’s opened and we enter the room. Tom, Tim, Jesse, and Richard is already inside the room. So we scramble to greet them. I think most people like Tim Rice-Oxley, the Keyboardist, better than other Keane’s member. But You guys know who is the first person I will greet in that room.

“ Hi Tom “, I greeted Tom
“ Hi. How you doin ? “ He replied. The dream comes true.
“ Great. How’s yesterday flight ? “ I ask again.

He told me that the flight is fine, a bit long though. But Japan Airline is good, he said. I realized he is not as chubby as everyone thought.

“ Oh, here’s some gift for you and the others. Its nothing much, but its so Indonesian. Hope you like it. “
“ Really ? thank you so much. I will keep this “, said Tom

Then I ask him if he can sign my Strangeland album. He quickly get the cover from me and sign it twice. First one is for me, the second is for Karin. But what is really good is, Tom writes not only his signature, but also “Thank you for the present”. This is a nice dream !

I go to Tim after Tom signed the album. Somehow, Tim looks like Clark Cent.  Haha. I greet him, and strangely, I dont know why I talk to them rather than ask for signature. I think that because I value the talk, more than a signature. I dont know. I ask Tim about Jakarta.

“ Its a bit hot here in Jakarta “ Tim said.

I already got my guitar out of it’s case when I talk to Tim. Jesse is also there. So I ask them to sign my guitar. The silver permanent inked carved in the body of Ban (my guitar’s name) well. Thanks to Bimo, a friend who lend me the silver marker. Knowing that the time is running out, I actually satisfied enough with Tim and Jesse’s signature. But suddenly, Tim is calling Tom and Richard, then ask them to sign on my guitar too. Thats a dream inside a dream, an inception, come true. It wasnt my birthday today, was it?

Ban is now a new guitar
Ban is now a new guitar

Then the promotor crew ask everyone to gather for a photoshoot. Two good shot then we say goodbye to Tom and friends. We walk out that room, still with good amount of nervous. I didnt get the chance to take 2 person photo with Tom, but still, my guitar looks super nice now ! hehe !

The show starts around 8.40pm, and Keane is just more than expected. The live show is way better than the music video. And i dont know how he did it, but Tom’s voice is exactly the same as his voice on the tape. Not even a slight difference. And its really good to hear it.

To hear all of the instrument played together by Keane. The energy poured from the hit of Richard’s drum, Tim’s bodyrockin like usual, Jesse’s power, all of them makes a good sinergy.

During some break, Tom did talk about traffic in Jakarta. “ I really cant imagine how you guys can cope with the traffic “ Said Tom, then he laugh.

Tom Chaplin
Tom Chaplin

Keane sang a loooot of songs tonight. Probably more than 20 songs. Includes the previous album’s hits like ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, ‘Bend and Break’, and of course songs from their latest album, Strangeland. My 2 most favorite song  is played too, ‘Bad Dream’ and ‘Bedshaped’. Almost all of the fans are singing together with Tom. After ‘Bedshaped’, all of Keane’s member leave the stage and we though the shows has ended. So we shout “We want more, we want more”. By that time, some people already start to walk to leave the hall too.

But then they come back, and it looks like they answering our “we want more”. They play 4 songs before saying final goodbye to us. We do another “we want more, we want more” but this time they didnt come back. Hehe.

By the time I got home, I check my guitar again, and I think I should do something with this ‘new’ guitar. So I made a video, playing a medley of Keane’s songs. Its a crap though, dont even compare it to Tom’s voice. But Keane’s make me happy, so I want to share this happiness to anyone that likes Keane.


Finally, I would like to say thank you, big thank you, to Keane and the management, thank you for coming to Jakarta. Also to TrilogyLive, for bringing Keane here (also thanks for the MeetAndGreet). Both of you, makes the long awaiting worthed.

Keane, keep writing songs !


note : I wrote a short story, inspired by Bad Dream, its in Indonesiang languange though. try read it too here