A New Playground

photo by Carles Tomás Martí

The more, the further, the more competitive playground you have played in, the better you will be.

That always the teaching my late father taught me. I was born and raised in Indonesia, a country with almost 270 million people with thousands of culture and ethnic group. The fourth most populated country in the world. Yet, when I study my bachelor in Malaysia for 3 years and then work for 2 years, the experience enrich me so much I start doing many things I have not done before. Name it volunteering, or social charity group. I start caring about others. I even grew more nasionalism in that very other country.

Malaysia is 2 hours away from Indonesia. While Stockholm, took at least 18 hours.

Almost everything in Stockholm, in KTH, is different. The people, the culture, infrastructure, the struggle, the technology, I can keep going. However, “different” translated as a good positive word in my dictionary. I am far from being afraid and worry. A part of my soul dancing with joy. The dance will last for two years.

I am in a new playground. I am ready to adapt. I am ready to learn everything from it.