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My Cultural Clash in Stockholm

confused face
confused face

Dimana Bumi Dipijak, Disitu Langit Dijunjung

In my country Indonesia, We have that phrase. Meaning “Wherever We step our foot on, that is the sky We have to respect” , in this case, the sky means the rule. Ethic. and cultural habits.

Indonesia and Sweden is apart by great distance. I need to fly 18 hours to arrive in Stockholm from Jakarta. I expect the culture is very different in here. Hence, I still experience cultural clash in my first month of stay in Stockholm.


I thought It is always a common courtesy to give seat to women. In Indonesia it is kind of rude if you sit and there is a woman standing. Well I read that in Sweden, men and women are equal and that is a big matter. But seems like I dont remember that one when I was on that train.

“ Here, please take my seat”, I offer my seat spontaneously when seeing a young woman enter the train and stand near my. Not only She refuse, there is this glare She gave me that not a comfortable gesture. It is that seconds I learn that it is now always good to offer a seat.


One scale 1 to 10 of liking babies, I am on 13. I even believe that there are no ugly babies in this very world. Never did I feel dislike seeing any baby. Therefore my logic create this automatic movement when a baby is nearby. A movement to get close to them, then play with them. In my country it is very normal.

Well not here in Stockholm. One mother take her baby and move away when I try to smile to the baby. Do not always play with babies : checked.